Macquarie Park Treatments



Treatments Overview

Remedial Massage Therapy.

Easing the pain in your muscle, by applying deep tissue massage to the trigger points located in your skeletal muscle and applying pressure to the adhesion and knots, to relieve the pain.  Will prevent future injuries, increase healing and promoting better blood flow to the muscle.


Acupuncture/Dry Needling.

If you are suffering from a specific pain in your skeletal muscle.  Acupuncture / dry needling can go deep within the trigger points to alleviate the discomfort.  By inserting needles into a specific area, this treatment can release and relieve the localised area quicker.



Wether you are experiencing sore feet or want to balance your body “Qi”.  Reflexology is a great treatment that will help you balance your ying and yang, and also release those tight soft tissues on your feet to get you walking and running pain free.


Chinese Cupping.

A vacuum cup is used placed in certain parts of the body to draw dead blood cells to the surface of your skin and to promote better blood cells in your body to circulate.  Promoting better immune system, and a well balanced lympathatic system.



An ancient Tradition Chinese Technique to bring bad blood cells to the surface of the skin by rubbing your back with a tortoiseshell comb. 


Hot Stone Therapy.

Combined with massage therapy, a hot/cold stone is placed in your body to influence more relaxation and for your body to eliminate any stress and improve better circulation in your skeletal muscle.



"What a great experience, super and professional masseuse. I felt very welcomed, and great value for the money. Found this place on the map, and took my partner along for a couples massage. They knew their points, and my partner got a great relaxing massage."

Nick Noble

"Great therapist, had a chronic neck and shoulder issue and had a few places to have a look but none really resolved it, after a few sessions here I felt better, a spacious facility with great ambience"

Robert Brock