Sports Massage

Sports Massage is helpful for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage that soothes, eases, and mobilises the muscles - rather than solely stroking the skin. It is used to either loosen, repair or refresh sore, aching limbs.


Sports Massage therapy is geared towards every kind of athletes from weekend joggers to professional athletes. The sports massage will be tailored to a client’s specific needs. It will focus on areas of the body that are stressed and overused from repetitive use. Sports Massage therapy is used to help with pre-event preparation and assist to reduce recovery time after an event. Athletes have discovered sports massages helps prevent injuries and prepares their body for optimal performance. Increased flexibility, fatigue reduction and improved endurance can be benefits from a sports massage.

Sports Massage separates soft tissues that are stuck together - and often they no longer feel soft but very hard, stiff and sore. Muscles (and the fascia that surround them) become stuck after injury, misuse, lack of use, stress and tension. Sports and remedial massage can soften such hardened tissue, and can restore movement and mobility around joints that have become stiff and painful.


 For anyone participating in regular competition or physical activity, Sports Massage therapy every week or two may be a great addition to your normal regimen. It's best to talk with one of our professional massage therapists to find a plan that will work best with your schedule, level of activity and budget.


Sports Massage is also ideal for those who don’t necessarily play sports, but perhaps sit in the same position for long periods, or carry out repetitive tasks. It can restore stiff, sore muscles to ones that move with pain-free ease; giving freedom from pain and discomfort.​

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